Friday, December 17, 2010

Adrian Mutu Best Player

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Adrian Mutu Chelsea
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Mutu was bought by Dinamo Bucuresti for €600,000 where his superb form of 22 goals in 33 games had not gone unnoticed by Inter Milan.

He joined Inter Milan for €1.2m in 1999, but was unable to find the form he did in his previous club, but in the next season was able to score 12 times which tempted Parma to buy him where he scored 18 goals in 31 Serie A games which qualified them for the UEFA Cup.

He didn't get to join Parma in the UEFA Cup however, as he was quickly swooped by the lucrative offer Abrahimovic had for him at Chelsea in 2003/04.

Mutu scored five times in his first six outings but his form quickly dropped and new Chelsea Manager quickly dropped him in preference for another striker. Things never started looking up for Mutu, as he was caught for using banned substances, first thought to be cocaine, but now it's an unidentified substance. Consequently, Chelsea sacked him after two weeks this was discovered, and Mutu could have faced a two year ban, but was given a shocking seven month ban instead.

In December 2004, rumours persisted that Juventus was interested in signing the services of Adrian Mutu. Juventus had just gone through a set of trials for supplying illegal supplements to players during the 1990s. He eventually signed for them in January 2005.

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