Friday, December 10, 2010

Tomas Ujfalusi Star Player

Tomas Ujfalusi Photo
Tomas Ujfalusi Wallpaper
Tomas Ujfalusi Image
Tomas Ujfalusi Picture
We get the idea of dressing up nice and having your photos taken with soft lighting and designer gear and airbrushing and so forth. Oh, we get it.
But how exactly did this photo series of Atletico Madrid’s Tomás Ujfalusi and his (now ex) wife Katerina ever come to fruition?
We’re imagining an intense boardroom meeting with many mood boards and a variety of alcoholic beverages. Someone, who may or may not have been smoking crack, suggests a “deconstructed break down of the overloards IKEA expressed with nakedness and a g string. And also sauna/bath house wood paneling.” The room erupts in applause and the photographer is booked. Sadly, Mario Testino is not available.
Never thought the day would come that a baller without clothing would make us weep. And not in a good way.

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